Connect any gamedevice to LightWave.
Gamepads, joysticks, steering wheels, everything that shows up in windows game devices is supported.
Up to four axis and 12 buttons per device is supported.

Force update option in Master plugin. This causes Layout to refresh for updating controller values when Layout is idle.
This is however only recommended for preview purposes. Does not work with multiple devices at once. Does not work well when bones and deformations are active.

Demo video
Demo video 2

Price: 10$ USD    (Free for Vehicle Rigger customers)
For purchase send mail to with "Purchase w_gamedevice" in subject and include your dongle ID in the message.
You'll recieve an invoice from PayPal, you do not need to register to purchase.

Lightwave 9.3 or above is required. Windows 32 and/or 64 bit.
Important Lightwave 9.6 note: The panel for gamedevice motion modifier is incorrectly shown in Layout. This has been reported.



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